Gianluca Tesauro | Buona Fortuna
Visual Designer based on the Amalfi Coast, Italy ~ graphic design ~ ceramic ~ photography ~
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Buona Fortuna

In Buona Fortuna, Gianluca Tesauro and Jorge Manes Rubio transport us to the mountains of the “Parco Nazionale del Cilento” in the south of Italy, where several isolated villages were abandoned after a series of devastating earthquakes and landslides. Hidden among these ruins, and despite all the decay and destruction, several churches and chapels reveal themselves in all their glory. A closer look into these photographs expose empty altars and pedestals; in fact all the relics are missing. This is a direct consequence from the looters and art merchants who didn’t think twice about breaking in and remove paintings, sculptures and other sacred relics.

A tragic, sublime, almost surreal representation of a fragile yet astounding legacy. A serie of large format colour prints invite us to walk into an ephemeral world where grandeur and decadence clash. A conflict that draws the viewer into a deeper reflection about the value of these contemporary ruins, and ultimately the meaning of them.

Buona Fortuna is not asking for reconstruction nor restoration of the churches, but to preserve them as what they are today: true works of art.


19 Settembre 2015



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