Gianluca Tesauro | Athens 2015
Visual Designer based on the Amalfi Coast, Italy ~ graphic design ~ ceramic ~ photography ~
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Athens 2015


Last summer I was in Greece to spend my holiday. I arrived in Athens on the 15th of August, the public holiday that celebrates the Virgin Mary. The city was almost deserted.

The Acropolis as well as main attractions and museums were crowded with the usual flow of tourists and visitors. It was only when I started walking off the beaten path then I encountered the real face of the capital. Stores were shut, most of the walls were defaced by graffitis and the sign Enoikiazetai (to rent) was on many windows and displays. It is estimated that 2/3 of shops in Athens shut down in the last year. A disquieting feeling of recent abandonment was in the air, while the tourist area swarmed as always.

In the next few days life in Athens had been starting over, with its cafes, markets, noises and flavors, distracting the eye from the raw background and the naked reality of an ongoing crisis.


15 Agosto 2015



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