Gianluca Tesauro | Nonna Nannina – Pizzeria Contadina
Visual Designer based on the Amalfi Coast, Italy ~ graphic design ~ ceramic ~ photography ~
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Nonna Nannina – Pizzeria Contadina

Nonna Nannina is an italian nonna, a real italian nonna that works the land, she grows animals and she still cook for all her family at the age of 87. Nonna Nannina has 4 grandchildren, the eldest and my good friend Pasquale, has asked me to help them to design and to communicate their family pizzeria dedicated to the nonna. We decided to stay as close as possible to the reality, doing no more than to document the nonna’s daily life through social media, and to use a simple and vintage graphic design for packaging, web and interiors.

In three years Nonna Nannina has became a local star, she has fans that go to visit her, they want to know her recipes and her advices about grows. She went in locals and national TV and she participates to pizza events, she followed her grandchildren till London.

In three years Nonna Nannina – Pizzeria Contadina (farmer pizzeria) has became a Slow Food pizzeria, has made more then 250.000 pizzas, it gives job to 8 people per day, and, with its pizza academy, it formed 32 new pizzaiolis.

Nonna Nannina – Pizzeria Contadina is a take away pizzeria of 28 square meters.


20 Settembre 2016



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