Gianluca Tesauro | New York Caffeine
Visual Designer based on the Amalfi Coast, Italy ~ graphic design ~ ceramic ~ photography ~
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New York Caffeine

‘Coffee on the go’ is certainly one of the most famous trademarks on New Yorker’s daily life.

Walking through the crowded streets of Manhattan, shopping on Soho or anytime waiting in the subway, holding a cup of coffee, like a linus blanket, is always a nice way to feel comfortable in such a demanding metropolis. And no matter where you are, there’s always a ‘coffee on the go’ around the corner.

As an italian espresso addict this unexpected relationship between coffee and New York struck me since the very first day I was in town, so I decided to focus into this subject for my final documentary photography project at SVA with Richard Schulman, where New Yorkers were portrayed in the streets drinking a nice cup of coffee.


15 Dicembre 2011



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