Gianluca Tesauro | Procreation
Visual Designer based on the Amalfi Coast, Italy ~ graphic design ~ ceramic ~ photography ~
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I studied and shared life with Salvatore Franzese an italian designer based in Eindhoven, NL. I reached him in the autumn 2012 with the aim to combine our skills in a project, starting from his design collection. We decided to focus on what came before the final object, to represent the feeling between the designer and his creations:

“Following the whole production process – Salvatore says – with the control and definition of the developing phases is indeed like a conception that starts with a first self-analysis and ends up with the exteriorization of a concept : the birth of the piece is, for this reason, like living birth of a son”

Studio Salvatore Franzese presented its collection at Galerie Van der Water in Eindhoven, during the ArtWalk 2013.

Upon entering the gallery, visitors encountered the video installation and the photographic work, presented in a handmade frame made with the same objects’s material, the epoxy clay. Wine and fried anchovies were served on a table representing the studio environment. Interior and painting were conceived and developed by Sylwia Kaden while the dj and producer Giovanni Damico created the sound installation.

The first room focused the visitors attention on the creation process of the objects as an introduction to the main room, where the whole collection was presented as part of an installation, kept in an environment made of fabric threads. This space has also been chosen for the opening’s private dinner where guests tasted the specialities prepared by Luigi Ciaccia, the Italian Chef from the restaurant Chilometrozero, who created a set of dishes inspired and connected to the colours, textures and appearance of the exhibited works.

The result of yet another piece of life spent together with one of my best friends has been an event that want present objects through the eyes of photography, video, instalation, music and food, involving people from different fields to share skills and bring it farther.


15 Aprile 2013



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