Gianluca Tesauro | L’ultima Transumanza
Visual Designer based on the Amalfi Coast, Italy ~ graphic design ~ ceramic ~ photography ~
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L’ultima Transumanza

In a hot night of july i had the chance to assist and document a rare event by the streets of the Amalfi Coast, when 300 goats and sheeps climbed down from the rocks above Erchie to start their path to reach Agerola, and higher village 30 kilometers far.

Is this the last Transhumance that still resist on this area, where pastoralism it’s been progressively abandoned in the past decades in favor to tourism and fishing.

From midnight to sunrise Giovanni, Franchina, and their sons walked the sinuous coast road leading the flock through picturesque villages, untill to reach the house where they use to spend the summer. Here fresh air and new grass can feed animals until the begin of the winter, when they will go back to Erchie, taking in life one of the most suggestive and unic tradition of the Coast.


9 Luglio 2019



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